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Shedu Novice Diploma by TempladoProofAssured Breeder Badge by StiirProofRifle Dog Breeder's Liscence by TsonianFieldsRanchLicence. by TsonianFieldsRanchJagerhund Liscence by TsonianFieldsRanch

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We Heart The Stache by civeticInky Vanity by luckdownAvatar for TsonianFieldsRanch by Citron--VertDeaXShiner by ThePantsyTrioOranges and Ba-nay-nays by SchiiBai-Lin N Toy Soldier by ThePantsyTrioNordanner Hoarder Stamp by QueenHalloween.:.Love Ya Mids.:. by saltyearthmangoPeekaboo by civeticNottly by civeticPlaytime by civeticFlowerpower by civeticSleeeepy by civeticAnd One More to be Sure by orengelPage buddy Pandas by AhernStablesTac-4 by Kryptic-Stable-NordyIcon for Midi by Nanurtalik-COM- Have A Nice Trip... by xValkyrjaPretty boy :: Bid by UtakameAn Exploration of Color by Xunau66Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96

Quick Show Journals - Mini Shows!

Feel free to click any of these links, maybe you'll find yourself a mini show you'll like! :D


SWC - Canine Everlasting Events
- All art must be new and your own work! You cannot enter anything drawn before this event started and you may not submit entries that are for other shows as well. Only entries for this show may be entered.
- No linearts, no using someone else's art, must be your own.
- No same headshot or fullbody entries with different coloured dogs. We actually like to see you use your dogs. Don't be lazy.
- Judging will be done when a class has reached 5 entries or every week.
- All judging will be done with rng.
- No pre-registration needed.
- Comment your entry on this journal.
- All breeds welcome.
- You are free to do either headshot or fullbody.
- Backgrounds and shading/highlighting are optional.
- A single dog may enter every class they can, but only once in each class per each running.
- Entries can be on one page or separate.
- Results will be kept here: Results
- Have fun!


OGSS RNG Mini ShowsShow run by sazzy-rizaTsonianFieldsRanch
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Judging is determined by RNG
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Judging takes place on Mondays (by Saz), Fridays (by Midi), or after classes are full
:bulletblue::bulletblue: OGSS admins and judges may enter and win classes but not judge's choice
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Judge's choice will be determined by personal appeal and may or may not be awarded every run
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Include your horse's registered name and ID if it has one
[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue] No limit to the number of your horses per class (Please, no mass entry images with 10+ images on one page)
[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue] No restrictions or requirements for backgrounds, full/partial body, or rider
[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue] Your horse can't enter the same class twice in the same run (ie. Fluffy can't compete against himself)
[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue] No pre-made lineart or old or unused show entries may be used
NOTE: New cl
SFR's Eternal MiniShow:new::new: Updated 11/30/15
I will be reworking the journals this week. Show is coming out of haitus and all old placings have been run.
:new: Updated 8/2/15
Due to the massive amount of work with the journals, I will no longer be updating them. I basically need to revamp the entire show. Until further notice all classes are Rush Round classes (3 slots, run at end of the day, no journal). Groups accept my comment as proof of placements so I'm just going to go with that.
 Ranch Grounds

Current Show- Week 62

1. As an RNG show, all placings are judged via a random number generator. Put as much or as little effort into each piece as you'd like! Any breed/animal allowed. Tokotas, shedus, raelans, etc.
2. Not accepted: Colored free-to-use linearts or entries previously run in /this/ show. If you have a show entry that was never judged or the results have been deleted, you may put them in this show.
3. The
SWC - Equine Everlasting Events

- All art must be new and your own work! You cannot enter anything drawn before this event started and you may not submit entries that are for other shows as well. Only entries for this show may be entered. Some exceptions apply, please note this group to ask if your unjudged entry for another show could be used.
- No linearts, no using someone else's art, must be your own.
- Judging will be done when a class has reached 5 entries or every week.
- All judging will be done with rng.
- No pre-registration needed.
- Comment your entry on this journal.
- All breeds welcome.
-:new: Stable Fawnlings are allowed to compete in these classes as well. If you have a species that you would like to be able to do these classes, please note this group with the information of your species. Acceptable species are located here: Click!
- You are free to do either headshot or fullbody.
- Backgrounds and shading/highlighting are opt
Colon Cancer Awareness Show I decided to extend the show indefinitely. Why should I limit myself to only one month of spreading the awareness of colon cancer? Keep the entries coming!!!
I'm not sure how many of you know, but I recently lost my dad to cancer. He battled colon cancer for nearly two years. The disease metastasized to his liver and eventually his lungs, ultimately taking his life. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and so I would like to host a show in honor of my dad. I hosted a show for this before a few years ago and it sort of blew up in my face. It felt like a lot of people took advantage of my show that was meant to honor my dying father so they could score easy kaaring. It caused a bit of ruckus in the Nordanner group, but a lot has changed since then with the awesome new owners and such so I don't believe that will be a problem anymore. Long story short is I really miss my dad a lot and would like to give this show another shot. Please respect that and play fairly.

:thumb533761990: WBS Never-Ending Little Shows *NEW CLASSES:new: 8/11/15 - Drag Hunting has been added!
7/6/15 - Western Pleasure, Haute Ecole , Saddleseat, Jousting, Mounted Shooting/Archery, Vaulting, Polo and Trick has been added!
6/13/15 - I have changed this show so instead of 5 slots in each class, I am changing it to only 3 slots in each class..
Now, everyone who enters gets a prize!
:star: If your horse places 1st in at least 5 separate classes, it will be rewarded with a Reserve Champion title. If your horses places 1st in at least 10 seperate classes, it will be rewarded with a Grand Champion title.
:trophy::trophy: Grand Champions: :trophy::trophy:
none yet
:trophy: Reserve Champions: :trophy:
WBS Ghost Hour
:bulletwhite: Draw any part of the body. Head, legs, butt, belly, etc. 
:bulletwhite: Once all spaces in a class fill up, it will be judged and a set of new slots will be opened up
[Bullet; White] Judged by
[Bullet; White] Backgro


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I get mine by buying them myself, or selling adoptables. Just go out and try a little harder to sell your art, or get some money on a GreenDot card and get them that way.

If you do ask, I'll hide your comment, and you will be put on a ban list, so that you won't be able to get anything from my sheets or my gallery. I know it's harsh, but come on, I'm tired of the spam.
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No deviants said Toko stuff and Chinese Food. <3
Okay, so as most of you know, I'm a LARPer. I love LARP. I literally had nothing to live for there for a while, and LARP pulled me out of the fire. It was a group of people that helped me become okay with who I was. Not who everyone wanted me to be. It made me okay in my skin, it made me think that I had a group of like minded friends who would support me through castle sieges and moving houses, in and out of game. It saved my life.

Cue me, ten years later, still playing with the same group. There hasn't been any animosity, we're a community who lifts each other up. That's what we do. We support each other.

Well, in the past, Anne and I have been friends. I touch her fuzzy butt (she played an animal style character) and she and I talk. Only ever at game and once or twice outside it. She brings her new friend, Becca to LARP about three years ago. I meet Becca, she seems nice, but she's got her own opinions about things, and that's cool.

Becca and I have butted heads before in the past, over little things like Kaitlyn Jenner not deserving the Woman of the Year award. (I still don't think she, or he, whatever they want to be called now, deserved it, there were far more deserving women) Among other things, I have seizures, and Becca made a point to let me know that 'Naturally, a person would only experience one or two seizures in a lifetime. You're not taking care of yourself, and should look into a doctor for help.'....... How do you explain my grandma, who is literally on medication because she has so many seizures? Or epileptics? *deep breath, calm down Midi, we'll get there* 

So anyways, I got a new boyfriend. He's clingy and has anger issues and trust issues, yes, but everyone is at one point or another, and his last girlfriend was shit, and I'm helping him through that. I'm a big girl and I know what I can and cannot handle. Anne and Becca don't though.

They've been telling people that I'm an asshole, because Boy lives a whole state away and it takes me two hours to see him one way. I work so to spend time together Boy comes up here for a week and a weekend, and then I go to his house for a weekend, and stay home for a week. He has separation anxiety and is codependent, so when I'm not there he freaks. It's normal, he's got trust issues again.

Becca and Anne went so far as to tell him that it was my fault, that I didn't treat him right, and that by isolating him up here with me, I'm making him codependent and forcing him to leave his family and friends to be with me.


So fast forward about seven months, to where they are now telling people that Boy is abusive and that I shouldn't be with him. He's had anger outbursts, yelling at me, but never hitting or touching me, and always relenting when I stand my ground. But they just see that he's suicidal and angry and assume it's my fault for fanning the flames and also I'm a victim because he's manipulative. We're both manipulative, and we're just a crash waiting to happen.

These girls have only ever seen us four times a year together. Four times a year. They don't see us behind the scenes, only in high stress situations where I'm running a three day game that doesn't stop from Friday to Sunday, and where Boy literally can't stop me from working those three days. High af stress.

Then Boy meets Braedon, who is one of my best guy friends and has red hair and is amazing.

Braedon and I flirted for like eight years, kissed a few times, Braedon asked me out, I said no because I was at a point in my life I wanted to focus on other things.

Anne and Becca tell Boy that Braedon and I used to have sex, that I was in love with him, that I wanted him bad and he left me, and that I would leave Boy for him in a heart beat, but Braedon wasn't down for that shit. So Braedon made a point to tell Boy the truth, and Anne and Becca got mad because that's what they thought happened, but they didn't like that I called them on it.

So now, any time I post anything on FB, they comment on it. And they like to make sure I know how dumb I am and how much I need to grow up. 
Image:71382 by TsonianFieldsRanchImage:71384 by TsonianFieldsRanch

Image:71378 by TsonianFieldsRanchImage:71379 by TsonianFieldsRanchImage:71380 by TsonianFieldsRanchImage:71381 by TsonianFieldsRanch

Just a few things they've said.

But the straw that broke this camel's back was when my good friend Ariana asked to borrow my recent litter of kittens. Kittens I didn't know were on the way until it was too late.

They went to her status, scrolled down to the comments on that status, found my comment string, looked at it, and then posted this.
Image:71377 by TsonianFieldsRanch

And I don't know what to do. I blocked them, I've taken them off of everything. I'm just so done, and I don't want to LARP anymore because I'm nervous they'll be there and honey, I'm not going to throw shade. I'm going to throw punches. I'm done. I'm super done, and I don't know how to end this so that I can still LARP and not be near them.
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