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Headshot, No Background
Mini Halter - Folly - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
Mini Halter - Venere - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
Attack! and the Frog by TsonianFieldsRanch
Frenchies by TsonianFieldsRanch
Headshot with no background, or a colored/gradient one. Can be a mini show entry, just link me to the show.

Link to reference: 
Headshot, Background
First Night In The Arena by TsonianFieldsRanch
Fu Cross Country EWS - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
Over And Out - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
Up And Away - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
Headshot with a BG of your animal. Can be a show entry if you like, provide a link to the show.

Link to Ref: 
Show entry?: 
Partial Body Wisp
Cheri Wisp by TsonianFieldsRanch
Moros Wisp by TsonianFieldsRanch
Wisp, either with a background color/background, or transparent.

Please fill out the following: 

Animal: (Ex: Horse, Shedu, Dog)
Link to Reference: 
Bg or No: 
Fullbody with Handler (Training or Show)
Fred's Dance - JUDGED by TsonianFieldsRanch
Lola Conformation - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
With Care - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
On Wings Of Gold by TsonianFieldsRanch
Fullbody with a handler. You pick, either training or show image.

Please fill out the following: 

Animal: (Ex: Horse, Shedu, Dog, Pokemon)
Link to Reference: 
Show or Training Image: 

Note, in order for it to be a show image I will place it into a mini event that is RANDOMLY judged, unless you provide a link to a show you would rather I entered.
Fullbody, No Background
Wally's Winter Coat by TsonianFieldsRanch
Fullbody, no or plain background.

Fill out the following:

Animal (Ex: Horse, Shedu, Dog, Pokemon)
Link to Reference: 
Fullbody With Background
Fire In The Sky by TsonianFieldsRanch
Percy's Potions by TsonianFieldsRanch
Scotty Conformation - Judged by TsonianFieldsRanch
SPEED RACER! by TsonianFieldsRanch
Fullbody, background, shading. One character per picture. Please provide the following:

Animal: (Ex: Horse, Dog, Pokemon, Shedu)
Link to Reference: 
Backgrounds you would like to see: 

Random Favourites

Licences. <3

Rifle Dog Breeder's Liscence by TsonianFieldsRanchShedu Novice Diploma by TempladoJagerhund Liscence by TsonianFieldsRanch


Coplins RNG Horse Show week 9Rules
 All breeds, all ages. (but make sure foals do foal appropriate classes)
 Headshots or full-bodies. (other body parts
 No handlers/riders necessary (but always welcome of course). 
:new: No line art. Each picture must be individually made. Not re-colouring the same line art for multiple horses. No ghost horses. So if you are the only one in your class you win.
All classes run either Sunday or Monday.
You can enter as many horses as you'd like per class. If doing a sheet, please make sure each panel is clearly labeled.
No limit on how many entries a class can have.No re-using of entries for this show. Commissioned work may be entered.
As this is an RNG show, I will be entering my own horses.
When posting entries to this journal, provide link to the deviation and clearly state the class/classes it/they are enteringClearly state classes entered, link to horse's ref and link to this show in the deviation comme
Colon Cancer Awareness Show:new: A big big BIG THANK YOU goes out to the amazing Shayla-Estate for being the wonderful woman and friend that she is and making this fantastic new skin for the show journal! :heart:
Also, a huge thanks to Metterschlingel for coding it!
:new: I decided to extend the show indefinitely. Why should I limit myself to only one month of spreading the awareness of colon cancer? Keep the entries coming!!!
I'm not sure how many of you know, but I recently lost my dad to cancer. He battled colon cancer for nearly two years. The disease metastasized to his liver and eventually his lungs, ultimately taking his life. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and so I would like to host a show in honor of my dad. I hosted a show for this before a few years ago and it sort of blew up in my face. It felt like a lot of people took advantage of my show that was meant to honor my dying father so they could score easy kaaring. It caused a bit of ruckus in the Nordanner group, but a lot has change
Argentie Stables OnGoing Mini Show!Rules:

:new: 6/29/14 - Thuas class added!

Alright well dA has been changing my links around/eating things for whatever reason :stare: I was informed it could be because of the sheer amount of information/links on each journal, so I'm shortening up what I have wrote here somewhat.

I need the full names of horses, ID and everything! It's important when I list rankings. - Entries will be ignored if this clause is not met.This show assigns tickets based on a system of credit called Kaaring, but the show is not Nordanner Only.Information can be found hereHalf points are rounded up. (EX Headshot training animation earns 4 tickets)Judged RNG style, not effort based.I CAN enter and I CAN win my own show. Depends on how the RNG rolls
Class Info:

Classes will be ran on Sundays. I will not wait for the class to fill up to run it!If you are the only p
: H-I-G-H-S First Bi-Monthly Gaited Horse Show:bulletblue::bulletgreen: How to Join  :bulletblue::bulletgreen: Submission Guidelines  :bulletblue::bulletgreen: Point System :bulletblue::bulletgreen: Gaited Horse FAQ
♦Welcome to H-I-G-H-S First Bi-Monthly Gaited Horse Show ♦
♦Start date: August 7th
♦End date: October 7th
♦Extended time: No extensions.
♦Breeds: All gaited.
♦No tracing
♦Enteries must be fullbody.
♦No magic.
♦Horses require riders unless in liberty or halter.
♦Horses require correct tack, colouration up to you.
♦Classes available:
♦5 Gaited
♦3-5 Gaited English pleasure
♦3-5 Gaited Western Pleasure
♦Trail course

Owed Things

15 Kaaring for:
Maci 3874 for MarigoldStables

Training Classes for:
Hunds's Watch It Burn 6935 for ShadowKuri
Isolde 570 for Cloudrunner64
ArDes Desert 6394 for sazzy-riza



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I get mine by buying them myself, or selling adoptables. Just go out and try a little harder to sell your art, or get some money on a GreenDot card and get them that way.

If you do ask, I'll hide your comment, and you will be put on a ban list, so that you won't be able to get anything from my sheets or my gallery. I know it's harsh, but come on, I'm tired of the spam.
Breed Assesment 1 by TsonianFieldsRanchBreed Assesment 2 by TsonianFieldsRanch-COM- Have A Nice Trip... by xValkyrja

::ALL THE TIME:: by mimblewimbleI CAUGHT... by CleafesphereFree Hugs - Free Avatar by Mirz123Online Friends by netta43fermata stamp by thechaosprojectExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseGotta Be Sneaky Stamp by JADgirl666Marshmallow Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNice Butt Stamp by Kezzi-RoseRavenclaw Stamp by itsevaProfessional Stamp by saporionATU stamp by willowdiamondInvader Zim Stamp by lonewerewolfI Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJHello Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerDW Eleven Thumbs Up Stamp by TwilightProwlerDancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerSad Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerI support fantasy, real HARPG by ChistokrovkaTARDIS Stamp by CarthorisWaving Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerDoctor and Donna Stamp by TwilightProwlerI love Gypsy Vanners by WishmasterAlchemistI Sniff Books by MademoiselleGriefI JUST DONT GIVE A... by Will-Kill-4-PretzelsFan Art: Catbug Journal Doll by Pickle-PawsThrough time and space animated by Citron--VertNintendo_The Legend. by FlowisKingJareth: Magic by BlueFire-SirenAvatar- the last airbender by Kath602

JM! :D 

No deviants said Doing my traditional sketches. XD
No deviants said Apparently I didn't save my Fu and Asti one. U.U
No deviants said I'm stoopid. XD
No deviants said Come sit?
Hey guys! :D I'm actually pretty excited to let you know that I'm having this contest. It's something I've wanted and thought about and decided on for a while, and I'm very excited to announce it to you. If I don't get any entries no worries. I'll let the professionals handle it. XD

Anyways this is an art auction. And it's got no end date. That's right, I'm going to go until I see something I like. But please, PLEASE don't let that stop you. I would love to see something from even those of you who think that you're not worthy of this kind of contest.

What is the contest you ask? Well. I want you to draw Fu. My beautiful boy, my life savor, my inspiration. I need you to draw him.
I Know Kung Fu 147***** by TsonianFieldsRanch
There are some VERY specific things I need to see in your art.

:bulletgreen: He has to be rearing. I'd prefer him to be looking to the left.
:bulletgreen: No background please. You can do like, a transparent bg, and a small bit of grass near his feet.
:bulletgreen: No tack. Not even a halter please.
:bulletgreen: Color. I need the best color you have.
:bulletgreen: Make him look regal. I want him to look like the most amazing stallion ever.

Why do I need all of these specific things?
Because I'm getting a Fu tattoo. I've been saving up for it, and it's going to be on my left thigh, and look amazing. I'll be taking a picture of it. And wearing it forever. And I'm so excited about it, but very doubtful that I can pull it off on my own. That's why I need your help.

Because let's get real, what do you get out of it? Aside from the fact that I will be wearing your art for the rest of my life. XD

Well, you'll be getting your choice of a slot to these foals:
7787 Where We Lay Our Scene by TsonianFieldsRanch
Grey on Blue Roan Splash Panda
7786 Scheherezade by TsonianFieldsRanch
Silver Grullo Splash Panda
7788 Hitokiri Battosai by TsonianFieldsRanch
Pangare Cremello Snowflake Appaloosa (Silver Carrier)
4716 Royal Guardian by TsonianFieldsRanch
Grey on Black Panda
7694 Legolas De Laroche by TsonianFieldsRanch
Silver Buckskin Snowdripple
7596 Love Bird by TsonianFieldsRanch
Silver Pangare Amber Creame Champagne Snowdripple

You will get ONE Snowdripple slot (your choice) AND TWO Panda slots (your choice)

Hopefully I see something amazing from you all. :love:
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Badges and Love

Agito's Ocean of Friendship by samuRAI-sameEvil's Chain of Friendship by evil-firewolfAnimals Friendship Badge by ANIMALGIRL1869Wrath's Entwined Friendship by SWC-arpgThe Feather Badge by orengelUta's Rainbows of Love by Utakame
You Have Been Owned by LadyDeathsGhost

We Heart The Stache by fennexxfoxInky Vanity by luckdownAvatar for TsonianFieldsRanch by Citron--VertDeaXShiner by ThePantsyTrioOranges and Ba-nay-nays by SchiiBai-Lin N Toy Soldier by ThePantsyTrioNordanner Hoarder Stamp by SlayerMoon98.:.Love Ya Mids.:. by earthshalaPeekaboo by fennexxfoxNottly by fennexxfoxPlaytime by fennexxfoxFlowerpower by fennexxfoxSleeeepy by fennexxfoxAnd One More to be Sure by orengelPage buddy Pandas by AhernStablesTac-4 by Kryptic-Stable-NordyIcon for Midi by Nanurtalik-COM- Have A Nice Trip... by xValkyrjaPretty boy :: Bid by UtakameAn Exploration of Color by Xunau66Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96

And Then There's This:


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